Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grade-School Lolita's can lead to modeling mistakes

On the recent MSNBC story about The sexualized childhood and how it affects kids younger than you think called Grade-school Lolita: ‘So Sexy So Soon’, I also think this topic calls for some modeling advice and input based on how recently I was asked by a 13 year old about modeling. In my opinion 13 is too young to model without a parent by your side. The girl was asking me about photos she needed and how to go about modeling at such a young age.

My insight on teenage modeling can be found in this Youtube video.

I told her not to get sexy too soon, and I think a lot of media and magazines and entertainment networks, make it ok to appear sexy at a young age. I was not an innocent teenager to say the least, but with the internet it has becomes even more enticing and entrapping to be seen, desired, wanted, and hit and clicked upon at a young age, and many young girls, fall into making mistakes of showing too much too soon and feeling regrets, and having self esteem issues over how many "friends" they have on Myspace and not thinking enough about their self worth and letting these social sites define them.

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