Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dave Matthews Band Tickets for the "Stand up for a Cure" benefit event!

My boyfrind surprised me with concert tickets this weekend and they are for the Dave Matthews Band concert, "Stand up for a Cure" benefit event at Madison Square Garden! I am beyond excited!!!

Before I signed my book to HarperCollins Group, I did mail my book to Dave I wonder if he ever got it? Mmm? I am so delighted to see him in concert, he does something to me soul, his songs are sort of my religion. Each word is so meaningful. I am not just a fan, I have huge respect for him as an artist and his roots and what his music means to the world, about the world, for the world, how he writes, and sings, I am in heaven. I love that his song's open you up to understand something new, learn a new perspective, enhance the one you have.

I think I will be able to see his eye lashes!

Love the violin the guitar mixtures, the saxophone, I mean where do you hear all of these together at once! And SO Good!

When I hear the lyrics to Little Thing, it sounds like he is singing it to me. I also love their Ants go Marching and it is a great one to listen to on the subway, or while stomping around NYC in my highest heels, I love Lover Lay Down, The Space Between, Best of What's Around, Don't Drink the Water,Crash into me,Satellite, Recently, and I can NOT wait to hear the band rip it up at MSG for Stand Up For a Cure! Crush me with those things you do!

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