Friday, August 22, 2008

Under the Tuscan Sun the script is so good

I really love this movie, I just saw it again on Lifetime, I laugh, I cry and could watch it again and again, so many beautiful words, the script is so well done, I love it. I like how the end of the movie shows how we do get what we wish for it is just sometimes it doesn't come in the form we expected but the way it comes is so precious. Diane Lane was so good in that movie, no one else could have done it better. These are my favorite parts of the movie:

What are you thinking?
What do I think?
Tell me.
I think you got your wish.
My wish?
That day we lookedfor your snake
you said to me that you wantedthere to be a wedding here.
And you said you wanted thereto be a family here.
You're right.
I got my wish.
I got everything that I asked for.

They say they built the train tracks over the Alps
before there was a trainthat could make the trip.
They built it anyway.
They knew one daythe train would come.
Any arbitrary turningalong the way,
and I would be elsewhere.
I would be different.

What are four walls, anyway?
They are what they contain.
The house protects the dreamer.
Unthinkably good things canhappen, even late in the game.
It's such a surprise.

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