Saturday, August 30, 2008

Many Beauty queens pose nude before taking the crown- what example is this?

Many beauty Queens, from Miss America to Miss Universe have posed nude or have done raunchy photos ...calling it is a mistake....after being caught for their actions after taking their crown. A few thoughts come to mind.

1. I love artistic nudes and I think when well done they can be really beautiful and even worthy of framing and hanging in a living room wall as well.

2. I think girls that pose in raunchy ways and nude with regret feel bad because they do it in a way that is suppose to be kept a secret and planned to never be seen,- most nude photos from aspiring models who have bigger goals such as ad campaigns or being Miss Universe do not pose nude in hopes of the photos being seen...ever. -maybe they did it for money, or their ego, or maybe they didn't think beyond the lens, and the bare all thin the wrong ways, without thinking of the future, about what could come of the photos, and they feel shameful for doing it. Posing and showing yourself in a raunchy way is something that should be not done without thinking of the future and the example you will be presenting and the opportunities you can lose in your poor actions. And the embarressment and of course you could lose that sparkling crown.

The desperation of being seen, desired, wanted, and successful leads many girls to make mistakes, take off their clothing, and fall into shame once the photos are discovered in unexpected shocking ways.

Top beauty brands and companies don't usually hire porn stars and girls who pose in a raunchy way for their ad campaigns. SO if your goal is to be a beauty queen, or in an ad campaign one day, then stay away from the dirty spreading legs lens.

Here is an article about Miss Universe caught nude, although the photos are considered artistic and not porn.

I am comfortable with my body and I do a lot of body part modeling, and while striving it is hard to pursue alone sometimes and of course...we all make mistakes, but posing with the chance of regret is not my scene, today it is all about the brand, the ad campaign, the product the editorial in the magazine, and telling a story with my photos.

Remember it isn't just about today, it is about the pursuit you are on, and the past you leave can follow, so when it comes to posing nude with the wrong people and purpose be careful!

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