Friday, August 29, 2008

Modeling Comp card planning

When planning your comp card just think about ads and editorials and posing shouldn't be SO posed, it should look natural, realistic, and like you are descreetly representing and selling the brand.

A nice headshot is so important, look at hair care boxes to get inspired for expression and how to pose the head.

If you want to be sporty skip the sweatpants since they can be baggy, maybe instead wear some real workout or fitness clothing. Look at a fitness magazine to get inspired.

And grab a dress, and depending on your age a suit, look in shopping catalogs and websites, you can learn a few posing tips just by looking at, notice the model's poses.

It helps to look at modeling agency websites and notice the models and the photos that they have on their card.

The main goal in a compcard is showing what you are capable of as a model within only a few shots.

Looks at mags to prepare for shoots and create the photos you need, notice the makeup, the styling, the models expression, and focus on commercials and notice the style and the poses
Commercial print models, shorter models need to think about their personality, and ads, because models of all heights represent brands and products, from shoe modeling to cleaning products!

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