Friday, August 1, 2008

Alicia Witt is an example of a dreamer with a plan- aspiring models and actors should follow suit

Incase you don't know who Alicia Witt is check out WWD here and you will find that she is a classically trained Pianist and actress, recently appearing on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." And the article speaks about how Alicia put her fingers and talent to use as a pianist and performed in restaurants as her survival gig as she pursed acting when she was 16 and hustling in Hollywood. I like how she put her talent to use within a survival gig.

I think this is interesting because a lot of aspiring models and actors that I speak to are always complaining about the "part time job" or the "survival job."

Along with modeling I am a freelance writer and produce video blogs and also blog for media networks and have used my handle of web 2.0 as part of my living, and this helps me make make myself available as a model by doing so, and being available is half the battle. So if you can use your other skills to help provide you an income, compared to just waiting tables or doing something you really hate, you will be not only more positive but you will be always moving in a creative and positive direction.

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