Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Small business marketing: The power of handwritten notes and public relations, buy some stationary

Papyrus is still in business the last time I checked right?!

You know the handwritten note is not out of style. Self promotion is my daily thing and recently I bought some stationary and notecards and I am using them to self promote.

Infact it is totally in and it is an amazing way to self promote and also for small businesses a handwritten note is powerful when it comes to submitting samples, and press releases, and products to reporters, editors, and anything press related is important. With email cluttering all of our mailboxes, - I swear I delete like 100 emails a day- it seems that getting attention comes in the form of the opposite direction that technology is going. When it comes to my own pr success I do think the email has been very handy, really cheap, (it's a free way to get in touch, make a connection, I have used email in amazing ways for self promotion to the media,) but still I have found great results in also direct mail to offices and with the power of a handwritten note. Snail mail is not really snail mail. It makes a statement and stands out when you mail something in the regular mail. Postal mail. If you are on a budget just be picky about who you snail mail. And use your email for quick, to-the-point emails. If you are trying to get the attention of a reporter it is a good idea to know the last story the reporter wrote about and other stories the reporter has done, so that you can state your opinion on them, how your story, you, your product relates, and attachments should be small. Under 150K. When you hear back or get a response then you can follow up with a large file or PDF, but it is always nice to ask first. I believe in the power of the postal mail and although technology is straying away from it, I still think it is VERY if not one of the best forms of communication. It shows you took the time. I love putting together press packages, and I go to the post office daily.I mail everything, I have mailed comp cards to modeling agencies, I mail newspapers, magazine editors, casting directors, and I think it does mean more when you take the effort and handwrite a note. Although I love the free marketing tools of the web, I also use the “old fashion” way a lot. Mailing directly does work. You might even have better results by buying a stamp sometime and writing a handwritten note compared to email. It is a mix of both I think, you need both, you can’t just do one or the other! It is both or nothing! So buy some stationary, and the next time you are marketing you, don’t forget the power of the handwritten note. Try it!

I recently bought my boyfriend a pen, and with this in mind here are some websites you might like:



Letter writing:,2025,DIY_13783_4365965,00.html


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These are all good sites, but I found four websites with excellent unique thank you cards:

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