Friday, August 29, 2008

Modeling and Marketing Approaching Brands and Small Business for Modeling jobs

It is pretty unconventional to approach brands yourself but when you do focus on the marketing department, the pr department, the advertising department, the creative department, because you want to speak to the right person, not some random receptionist about your interests and what you can offer the brand. This is a step to becoming more pro-active towards your modeling pursuits and it is small business like to take the plunge into being "this" self -serving, it is rare, but here are some of my tatics that have worked:

Most companies won't want to see, or ask to see your whole portfolio, most of the time I just mail the brand, or compan my compcard or ask who I can speak to in the marketing department about their advertising and promotions, or the pr department,- getting a name, an the correct email is important.

Or else it can get deleted.

Once I have the right person, I then would say something in an email or in a phone call like, " I am an experienced parts model, ( I do work with so-and- so agency) I really admire your brand and product and I would love to send over my compcard for review, who would be the best person to send this to?If you can find out the marketing or pr person's name you could even mail the card by regular snail mail.You might try to contact the agency that they work with, send your photos and a note saying, " I was told by so and so company that you represent their models, and I would love your consideration. " or something like that.Some big top brands might give you a tough time, I mean imagine a random person contacting the brand trying to model out of the blue, it does sounds weird. So approaching brands does work with better if the brand is NOT mass scale. More of a smaller brand, or middle range. I would also plug some of your work, of course not a competitior to the brand, but mention...I have done lip modeling, hand, feet, whatever...You could send over some images with the email, but not too many, just one or two, and make the shot related to the brand. Don't send a bikini shot if it is for legs or shoes, send just a leg shot, etc.Some top brands do not want to deal with models, they just want to deal with the agents and are tougher to work with. So even though you are not dumb you might come across like another dumb model or wanna be, so you want to make your questions more professional, like " I have a marketing inquiery who is the head of your marketing department, or..who can I speak to about your advertising."You might be able to google this.Some receptionist who probably answers the email won't know what to say or just goes by the standard copy and paste email message. So you have to dig deeper, to get a name.You could also mention to your current agency the brands you would like to work with, be assertive, maybe suggest it to them.And I would always let the modeling agency know you are interested hoisery or send them photos of your wearing panty hose or make a compcard involving it.I hope this helps.-isobella

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