Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Having trouble finding decent petite clothes

While brands like Talbots run into trouble, it makes a girl wonder what is happening to retail. Where will we shop when we are older. Right now H&M and Forever 21 seem to be powerhouses in terms of selling to the yougner generations but for the more mature shoppers there is less and less to pick from!

Even myself feels weird about the retail world and growing up but the retail is not.

In my 20's I always thought I would wear Express jeans proudly but I don't...and the other day when I asked my friend "where did you your jeans?" She said, ""

Then she added " Alloy" is also where she shops.

We are not teens and we don't want to dress like a teen but we are still shopping where they shop. I wonder when I am 35 where I will shop. If i will still be loving L.E.I. and Plastic, Armani Exchange?

Being a size zero doesn't help. It is hard to find something that fits all around. I can pull off some jeans with my high high heels...and I kinda like the 70's long jean look but still. (Well, Thank god for high heels that allow me to wear my long legged jeans!)

I guess it is because I am short legged! And the brands for woman do not fit me, always need a hem. And although I can pull off the teen jean well, I am not in mood to be hit on by teenage boys and sometimes I don't want to wear the tightest jeans on the block and I want something that speaks to my age and personality... it is hard to find.

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