Thursday, April 17, 2008

trying to find petite fashions at the Palisades Center but first The GPS screws me over

After getting very lost in NJ, because I really had no idea where I was going and was battling thee GPS, finally I made it to the Palisades Center in Nyack, NY. Inside I was surprised at how many retail stores have survived and also Exist, I was very impressed with Old Navy’s bathing suits and the one piece suits are on my mind, I am most likely heading back there next week for a bathing suit.

The Gap also shocked me with some cute bathing suits and I was also shocked and delighted to see some smaller bra sizes and bathing suit sizes as well.

Steve and Barry's had some cute dresses for 8 bucks!

I bought a knitt red/orangy dress at Forever 21 which I Love for about 22 bucks!

Aldo Accessories looked good and I hope they expand to more locations.

I was pretty pissed when a shoe I really really really wanted at Macy's wasn't available in my size, but that is win some and you lose some sometimes.

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