Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am looking in my closet...Places for petites to consider...

In NYC here are some places I shop and usually I find good things for a girl of my size, under 5'4" also I need the price to be right! Toobad there isn't a Target in NYC, it would be great if there was one smack in Time Square or near 34th St! ha. For now these come to mind when I look in my closet.

Steve and Barrys
Manhattan Mall
6th Ave. & 33rd St.
New York,NY

I usually stop by the one on 7th and 34th.

I enter on Prince Street usually

Forever 21
For me an xs usually fits
6th Ave and 34th

Kenneth Cole
I love it. And I catch the sales!

Old Navy
Their xs is nice sometimes.

Armani Echange
I hate logos but I do love this brand, wish the legs of the pants were a little shorter though!

Express can be too big
Gap too big

...and I really love vintage dresses and clothing. I love it because it is a way to find small sizes.

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