Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Girl Next Door is selling

The girl next door, the smiling happy go lucky, chilling out with her iPod girl is selling. Alot of models contact me unsure of how to find an agency, what photos to use and wonder if they have the 'look' of a model.

Well number one is: If you don't believe in yourself then don't try anything, believing in what you are striving for is number one. And if you can love it without or without an agent that is best. A modeling agent is a helpful wonderful thing to have. We need modeling agents and modeling agencies because the CLIENTS go to them. And we want to be with the modeling agency so we can hear about the casting and hopfully book the job, but it is possible to skip the middle man in modeling and get in touch with the brands. But you need to have your marketing tools compcard, headshot, portfolio and it is best to NOT send them to your Myspace account, it is better the mail the marketing director, photo editor, research editor, directly to their office. With a note listing your traits and interesting and working with the brand, or magazine.

The girl next door is seen everywhere these days, selling tic tacs, to selling Payless shoes and face creams and cleaners. These girl next doors are not all tall Giraffes, many working models these days are petite. So I would start to take notice of where models of ALL heights are working, watch commercials, pay attention to print ads, and product ads and editorials in magazines.

The reason a petite girl or aspiring model thinks there isn't a place for her in the modeling business is because she hasn't stopped to notice her options. Sometimes you have to create your own career, pursuits, and goals, and make them happen.

The girl next door who is Asian,black, white, hispanic, and indian, is selling. The girl next door is who you should want to be because as a model it is what brands and companies want. The girl with energy, who can sell their product image and as a model you have to be also a saleswoman, and have the ability to promote and represent a product in a natural honest way.

Alot of girls come to me wondering how can I be a model when I am so short? My answer to them is: have you been googling commercial print modeling agencies? have you been researching and really trying? Do you have a compcard? Do you have quality photos that represent the model you want to be? Have you considered modeling for ALL types of magazines and with all types of products. If you are a model you can market many things. Your hands, your feet, your whole self, and you will work with many types of products and you should be able to model that dishwasher, just as well as that lingerie.

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