Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Model Skincare-Creams for the skin and body

For some reason I gravitate towards creams that have a water gel like appearance. The texture of the cream means alot to me. I hate creams that are too liquid like and drippy, and I hate creams that are too tough. (although man's creams are getting more and more available and the texture isn't so bad after-all). When I say cream I mean face and body cream, lotions.

While reading Elle I discovered a cream I might be into by Shiseido. It is called the Body Creator. Aromatic Sculpting concentrate. The color is like Shubert. Yum. Orange and creamy. Or a light peach. It looks soft and appealing. Also it whips nicely in the container and looks easy to scoop with one finger or two.

I like one finger dabs most.
I like it to rub in quickly. I don't like to sit here and rub my face all day!

Also my gel like passion for creams might be the reason I am very into Dove's Cream oil.

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