Sunday, April 6, 2008

Modeling Monologues-Casual Photoshoot

We opened the door easily and climbed quietly to the fifth floor. The door was open! He pushed slowly and we were on the roof. We had snuck on the roof of a building in NYC, Downtown Manhattan view. City hall. The door to the building was open and he had been in the building before to pick up computer equipment. He had noticed then that there were more stairs up to the 5th floor, and the roof stayed on his mind. On a random Sunday it became our quick 10 minute photo shoot. In. click. click. Out. A model has to act fast, work fast. Take off her boots, put on her heels, take off the coat, and get in the model mood in a matter of seconds. Take a quick look at the atmosphere. What to touch, lift a leg onto, watch the wires, don't bang your head on the metal above, don't get dirty. And then get out. Don't get caught.

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