Sunday, April 27, 2008

How to market yourself as a model

I don't rely on my modeling agent, it is great to have them, but I also am VERY much apart of my own modeling goals. I am always mailing, researching and writing cover letters, printing resumes, and promoting myself.

Alot of girls have this fake perception that once they get the agent ALL IS GOOD, and ALL WILL COME, and I find this to be the wrong mentality. With a manager, agent, and modeling agency, it might feel good, and give you a nice cozy feeling to know someone is one your side, but I never have let one person, or a few take my plans and trust in it 100%. The business just isn't like that. I think of the modeling agent as a tool, a piece of what I do as a model, a piece of my promotion and my own research and hustle doesn't end just because I have an agent.

Just because I booked a job and got a check for $1000 dollars doesn't mean I am settling for that feeling of " ok someone is helping me book modeling work, I can wait now for the phone to ring again."

Being a model in today's world I think means something different than it did in the 1980s and 1990s and even though there are tall giraffes who do not fully understand the 'self promotion thing' I do.

I am always promoting myself, researching, and it is natural now.
Modeling to me isn't about being born lucky. It is about chasing something you want, and like any pursuit or plan, it is hard somestimes, it is a challenge you are trying to over come.

I did it for my modeling, for my book, for pretty much everything I have gained and marketing yourself as a model is really about marketing yourself like a business.

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