Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Modeling corsets, the bell jar, and writing short stories

I am modeling some corsets this evening for a petite lingerie brand called Lula Lu, and I am planning to do a photoshoot soon that will involve my artistic bikini designing. I am also writing a short story on hair modeling for a beauty magazine.

I am reading a really good book right now by Sylvia Plath called The Bell Jar.

....thats it for now, tomorrow I am going to stop by Barnes and Noble to catch a reading by Julie Andrews on her memoir that was recently released.


Tracy said...

I enjoyed listening to your blog radio about petite modeling. I am an African American "young looking" model who is 40 years old. I've done some commercial print work, but would like to get involved in ad campaigns for major corporations. Any suggestions on how to find the agencies that represent these big brands?

Check out my website at www.fashionyoursoul.com!

isobella jade said...

Yes! Commercial print agencies like FFT Models, and Cunningham Escott. You want to find an agency that represents lifestyle models, commercial print models and woman of all ages. Even grandmothers can model and 40 is actually a prime age for modeling -many commercials and ads are targeted to that age group. Looking at Advertising is how you can find out what you can be modeling. You should approach brands you like yourself, or look for agencies by googling your home town + commercial print, if you are in a small city and it is a struggle to find an agency then take matters in to your own hands, magazines are based everywhere, even in small towns. Remember that magazines like home and garden, travel mags, readers digest, mother magazines, hair, and spa magazines need models of all ages. Why not send them your photos. Be bold, be innovative, promote yourself where you WANT to model.