Friday, April 25, 2008

Why I hate social modeling websites

Well girls!

If you want to model, then do it! Don't let someone else define whether you can or can't but you have to be realistic with yourself. You might not model in major fashion magazines, or on the runway, but that is a small part of modeling anyways, start thinking about ads and editorials and places where you DO fit in! Commercial print modeling is the world you need to know. It is beyond the Internet, it means having marketing tools, compcards, headshot, a portfolio, and it isn't old school, it is the norm, because you wont be saying at a casting, " Check my website!"

Instead you will be handing your compcard and headshot. You will be expected to have these tools.

The Internet can help or hurt your modeling pursuits. Watch what photos you post, and understand that modeling on the web doesn't mean you are modeling with magazines and brands, and isn't that what modeling is?

Don't you have to hold a product to be a model anymore?

Think about the brands you like, ads you see, and models you admire, and ask yourself what is the difference between them and you?

It could be that they are working WITH agencies, and those brands...and you aren't...they have their marketing tools, they are going on modeling castings and auditions and they are actually modeling to get ahead not just for the fun of calling themselves a model.

It really makes me upset when I think about girls who think they are models just because they have a website? I think all of the social web toold are great, Myspace, Facebook, have a website, blog, podcast, I do it! But I think when I see myself in print, when I go to an audition or modeling casting, when I meet with my agent, when I print a new compcard...THAT is really the modeling world.

Think like a business and get where you want quicker! If you want to model in a magazine, then why haven't you mailed your photos to one yet? If you want to get an agency why haven't you researched commercial print modeling agencies? If you want to get have to know the difference between modeling Amateurs and really trying to be a model.

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