Friday, April 11, 2008

Hair Modeling tips for aspiring models and petite models

Tonight on my podcast Model Talk, I mentioned the International Beauty Show and how aspiring models and petite models should attend the show or try to work it. here is a link to the show for information, grab and paste.

You can also find out the vendors and exhibitors names and try to seek out some modeling work yourself by asking them if they need any more models.

It is always worth self promotion!

A few other ways to get into hair modeling is to look into a few of these hair studios:

Bumble and Bumble
Arrojo Studios

Hair modeling also means print. An aspiring model can submit herself to hair magazines and woman's magazines that need models for makeover, makeup and hair modeling editorials which feature tips and advice. Models are need in many ways for hair modeling, for presentations and also for print!

Except remember it helps if you have a modeling compcard, marketing tools, physical tools beyond a website to promote yourself. Sometimes even attending an event even if you aren't the model for it is important to network, self promote and hand out your compcards and to see if the brands need more models for future modeling.

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