Monday, April 14, 2008

What is an Internet Model Anyways?

I get alittle upset when I think about girls rushing to be Internet Models, signing up for any old website and loving the rush to call themselves a model! It is so easy just sing up, or pay a monthly fee on some scamming internet modeling website...

Sure I have a profile on, Model,mayhem, and many more but I don't use them like an addiction, and I don't expect to get a job with a national magazines from sitting on my butt and going download all day. Ohhh I got a comment. Oooh another fan. But in the real modelinmg world, the modeling world of commercials, print work ,editorials, adn shooting for a national ad campaigns your googling ratings don't matter as much as your portfolio, your compcard....and yet I am addicted to googling myself!


But I DO NOT consider myself an Internet Model. Being in print means more than being on an internet website to me. It is a public relations feeling. I mean does it mean more to be in a magazine or to be the hottest girl on the web?

Do hits and click define you? What is in your modeling portfolio? Is a photo on the web enough to make you a model? my mind NO. You need to be modeling a product to be a model...for that is what a model is...someone who represents brands. You can get some popularity and hype over the web and trust me I love the Internet! But..I don't think it means I am a model because I download my photo on another modeling contest or Internet modeling website. I want to model with more brands, magazines, and products...I think the Internet can help with marketing pursuits as a model, but the Internet is not the modeling world. You need to be face to face with casting directors, agents, photographers, and editors to become a model and call yourself one.

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