Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello I am a model!- introducing yourself to the modeling business

I really believe that if your photos are strong, and your energy is high you can get modeling work. Although for the aspiring model the face to face industry relationships are very important and many aspiring models still haven't got that part down!
You need face to face agents and contacts in your life.

Although the Internet is amazing and helpful. It is just a tool. And I wouldn't bank on my modeling pursuits being waited on until someone FINDS or discovers ME. I instead find the opportunity and seize the opportunity. But I am not desperate for just any OLD opportunity it has to be the right one.

Right now I am very into editorials, and tearsheets mean more to my than hits and clicks. So instead of dwelling over other girls/models photos on Internet modeling websites or networking sites, I cancel that from my list and start to Organize the marketing goals for myself.

I have been looking in a lot of magazines lately, getting ideas, thinking of where I want to send my cards and planning some new lingerie and lifestyle shoots in side and outside and building a new compcard and also building my book. Sometimes I think of where I want to be first before I plan the shoots, so I can base my shoot around my goal. My portfolio is what will be seen my agents and I want them to know " This girl knows how to model." So I show my tearsheets in the front and I make sure to cut out my attitude and bring a smile. Modeling isn't just serious pouts, it is also bringing your game face that also involves having a nice personality.

Start organizing what you want, start chasing it, be honest with your yourself, and oranize your marketing goals and start working as a model!

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