Friday, April 4, 2008

Does the Promotion ever end?

I sometimes ask myself this and the answer is always no. There is always something to inspire me to want more. Even jealousy. Even from simply seeing a model in an ad that makes me think “that could have been me.” The hustle is alive again. More mailing, printing new compcards, and trying to please my modeling agents with “the perfect compcard.” Myabe it is all in my head and the reason it is a challenge is because I shouldn’t be a model at all?

But then I think of Seabiscuit and beating the odds and all the short successful people in the world and I get very hungry to strive.

Trying something that is difficult is difficult, it doesn’t always come easy, and it is forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t give you the upper hand. Kind of like sports. You stick the sport you are good at… who really wants to run at the back of the pack? But as a petite model, I have to find creative ways even sometimes to get ahead, to prove I can, and it does take a marketing mindset.

What I have learned over the years is that my photos have to speak, and that “The More commercial I am, the better.” Being sexy, being half naked and all that is fine and dandy,- I do have a nice body.” But the more commercial I am, the more I am showing my personality, my spunk. My smile, the more my agents want to send me out. And call.

Or I use something I have that not many have going on for them called: My PARTS. Not many even tall models have great legs, or hands, feet, eyes, etc. So I try to use what I go in ways that WILL get me ahead.

I call myself a model; not a super model or runway model, but a model for print, for everything that could be captured in a commercial or ad campaign, a paperclip even, give it to me...I will hold it….because I made myself a model, by y knowing what I can indeed model and I try to do just that, and not dwell on all the ways I can’t model and instead think of the ways I can.

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