Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Casting this morning: Where actors and Models Unite

The hallway is narrow and the line is long. It looks as if they are giving away “free” something based on the anxious faces of all ages.

They are all White.

Yesterday was Hispanic and tomorrow is African American then the Asian Women and South East Asian and South Asian (from India).

This is a big one.

I reach the end of the line about 100 people back and plop my bag on the floor.

The sounds around me are, “What is this for again?”
“I heard it pays $2000”
“I heard 1600”

( my agent didn't mention a rate to me, but I imagine it is pretty nice and high)

Men with wrinkles, women with fried dyed hair, the blush is really red, their are plump women, a few tall girls but most are just average people with a coffee high spunk.

There is mumble about their latest jobs, and the sounds of “on set, on set, on set round the people in front and behind me. I feel like I am the only girl with a comp card there. Many are actors, some have just gotten off the set of Gossip Girls, some are trying to figure out what it means to being in the “business” and some are bitching about their cell phone breaking and how they were unable to get the castings on their phone through text message yesterday.

We wait.
I listen.
But also read WWD, ( Women’s World Daily).

I am number 356.

I wonder if the casting director will even look at all these photos of hopefuls.
I hate cattle call like castings, I hardly ever go, but it was for a national brand and the chance to book the job is worth it.

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