Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Catered Affair, Moma, Chelsea Market and I am Stoked!

What a day. I am not going out tonight and instead I am working on some work,research, planning and website updates for a painter I am representing. Also today was amazing. It started with going to see an off broadway play, by surprise my boyfriend got us some free tickets it was so fun to sit back and get cozy in the Walter Kerr Theatre. Our seats were very good and anytime I can see live anything I am excited,-whether it is- live music, a play, even a speaker. Harvey Feierstein did a great job along with Tom Wopat. Then we went to the Moma, but first creeping out the cab driver with my mess of not knowing if were were going to the Met or the Moma, big difference, and decided it was the Moma after all. It was just ok, but I liked the museum shop alot, it seems like a good place to go to get gifts for friends.
By then I was starving and got a steret pretzel, chomped on it and we went down downtown.

Then had some yummy lobster Bisque at the Chelsea Market.
Then we went to a sample sale, and I got a very hot blazer -can't wait to wear it and model in it. The brand is called Yes London. Ironically it is made in Italy.

To finish the day we went to an art auction and benefit for Stoked Mentoring. I am interested in working with them in the near future in one way or another. The Art Auction was at Phillips de Pury & company,the Milk gallery it was more lively than I thought it would be.

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