Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Airbrush lingerie experience, it is a favorite!

Yesterday I did some airbrush body art. Typically I stray away from body art, it can look often untasteful and unless it has an advertising feel, or editorial beauty type feel it can "just be a cool shot" but it might not help your pursuits as a model, unless very WELL done.

Yesterday it was VERY well done. The concept was to paint lingerie on me to look as real as possible. A piece of beautiful lace was put against my backside, then the airbrush was sprayed against it. What was left was a beautiful, real looking pair of panties, it was really impressive. I had a gold base on my legs and I put on a pair of black fishnets and the artist then airbrushed black against the fishnet. Then the fishnets came off and omg, it was so beautiful. And real looking.

A line of burgundy sequins made the top of the thigh highs and more lace was airbrushed on to the top of them to give that real appeal.

I hope to share some pics soon.

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Don Thieme said...

I am intrigued, having listened to your reading at Rachel Kramer Bussel's channel. Are you going to post some of the photographs soon?