Monday, June 11, 2012

Who knows what's ahead, keep your eyes clear and focused

When I was in the car driving to Maine with my husband for our baby moon, I held the phone with the Google map and directions. Mapping while driving isn't safe either, so add it to the don't-do's while driving, right next to texting, emailing, or making your Facebook or Twitter updates. Be safe! Your life is worth it and the lives of others are too! ♥ there's a lot to live for, and you can handle waiting a few extra minutes to text back your friend, it's not worth a ticket or hurting someone or yourself because of a stupid text message. Don't you agree? So keep your eyes clear and focused while making some fun road trips this summer. Summer is an inspiring, beautiful time of year--yes even pregnant in the heat of NYC I'm still going to enjoy it, and I hope your's involves accomplishing a goal or two. :) Aim high and strive!

I care about the texting and driving issue because it's stupid, it's foolish and careless and selfish to text and drive. I made texting and driving show up in my book because not many books have included texting and driving within their storylines and I find it an important social issue for all types of people. So I'm striking a voice on how texting and driving can kill. Just like how it kills the main character in the first book of my new YA book series, coming this July, called Careful, Quiet, Invisible.

Some buzz on texting and driving that caught my eye:


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