Tuesday, February 16, 2010

embarrassing tights and jeans story

Wanna hear something funny. The other day I was wearing my favorite jeans, and in winter I wear tights under my jeans, and tall boots often-- well I am in the movies and I take off my coat and my jeans feel kinda weird, I feel down my pant leg and feel a lumpy thing, I am like WTH, so I reach down my pants! And I pull out the pair of tights I wore the day before. I felt like a magician. OK, you think that is bad, well I stuffed the other pair of tights in my purse, barely, and guess what, the next day, I did it again, yesterdays tights in my pants again, and I was wearing them for hours! I went to a casting like that too. OMG, I now will check my jeans before I put them on, especially if I wore those jeans yesterday.

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