Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Think twice before you post for the photographer's portfolio

A girl on Facebook recently told me she was going to shoot with a photographer and she would be “shooting for his portfolio.”

Well, I would think twice before posing for a photographer’s portfolio. Posing for The Photographer's Portfolio doesn't mean you will get anything of benefit for yourself and your own modeling goals. If you know the photos you need to excel as a model you will be better off, and the photos you need to start with are quite simple actually.

Focus on your face shots, your shots that show personality, and modeling products within your photos. Showing you can model something, a handbag, shoes, earrings, a cell phone, a cup of coffee, show your personality, and you will be picked up by a print agency sooner. Sometimes something that "sounds good" or "sounds too good to be true" is. And just shooting to shoot doesn't help your pursuits. Strive for more, aim for professionalism and focus on the photos YOU need. The Internet-age might seem like the easier way, but that route is full scams, so beware of TFP, and of course I would skip the Internet ads, websites, and model-sites, as well and amateurs. Get a comp card, focus on the photos you need, your experience will be better. and more productive.

Before you get in front of the camera here are some tips of what to ask the photographer and things to avoid all together.

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