Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aspiring models need comp card, no buts!

At a casting today I heard one of the girls reply: No I don't have a compcard, when the photographer asked if she had one. There is nothing compared to a compcard at a casting. Putting your name on a white piece of paper doesn't make you as memorable as having a comp card usually. It is important to ALWAYS have a compcard. You come off more professional,more capable of the job and more experienced (which is a good thing) when you do. It is even better if you have, like I do, many comp cards. And you can target the casting you are going to with a comp card that fits the vibe of the casting.

I have a parts compcard and commercial print more personality based compcard with beauty shots and close ups, full body and smiles, energy seen on the card.

If I have a casting for hands, shoes, legs, body, etc, I bring my parts card, if the casting is for print ad, ex: a cell phone company, and will involve a model's full body and face smiling or showing expression, then I will bring my commercial print card. I have had to learn how to best market what I have and different compcards can be needed to target different modeling jobs.

Having a website, social site profile, Myspace page is not a model Comp Card. You need an actual physical comp card to model.

I was surprised the model was even at the casting because most of the time agencies DO NOT make compcards for the models, they do not pay for the expense in commercial print modeling, therefore you DO have to make your own, and should consider getting one if you plan to take modeling seriously.

Here is a previous post based on making your own comp card and why you should.

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