Sunday, December 12, 2010

Memphis musical and Michael Kors :)

Hey Girls,

Last night my man surprised me with tickets to Memphis, omg, it was AMAZING!  After the show I wrote on my Facebook, "favorite song, although it said Memphis, I just couldn't help thinking of how much I love NYC, and living here and how much I've grown up here since 2001, There's a town that I call home: Where all the streets are paved with soul. The blues sing softly in the air, Like a Sunday morning prayer, Just one more drink and'll see God everywhere, Like a sad old melody, That tears you up, it sets you free."

Here is that song I was talking about called Memphis Lives in Me, on Youtube, sung by the talented Chad Kimball. He has a bold, heartful voice, I can see him and feel him feeling the words he is singing, like he is feeling them to represent his own real life.

You might not realize it but I am sure you have heard Montego Glover before, she has done a lot of voice-over work for commercials.  She has a beautiful speaking voice, but her singing, WHOA, it will make you want to hug her! I love this video of the Tony awards presentation, it really is amazing, Chad's mic wasn't working 100% but you will feel the energy of the show click here.

Listen to the beat in your soul!

And these are the Michael Kors boots I wore on the 1 train on the way to the musical :) so cute and keep me warm! ~Isobella

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