Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Modeling tips for shorter models from


Here is the breakdown from blog where I dish it out about being a shorter than average model. These recent posts might intrigue you :)

On I feature often Short and Stylish girls, if you would like to submit here is how:

A girl who is 4'11 emailed me about modeling, asking "Do you have any advice for a girl that's starting out like myself? I have submitted my photos to agencies but I have had ZERO luck, and what is the best way and do you have any advice as far as going to open call castings?"  With her question mind, here is some insight that will also help your own pursuits as a shorter self-made model.

A feature in The New York Times caught my eye on catalog models and humanistic models in demand:

This hot shoe from Nina shoes is very cute!

Tips on older models marketing themselves:

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and right now my readers receive 30% off at with my coupon code. 

The coupon code is: StandTall

Aim high and strive!

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