Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have no problem with nudity

I received a comment on my facebook that read: I like the variety. I really like how you model the products because some people just model nude with no point. It makes you think "what the hell is this ad for?"

It made me think about nudity and what being nude can mean for a model.

I have no problem with nudity, I just can't stand it when the girl has her finger to her mouth and is only the tease, I like fashion nudes, and European magazines, I love ads for skincare products, jewelry, and beauty products that involve nudity, when it is well done, and has a purpose, confidence to it.

I have used my body many times over the years as a parts model to work with brands such as Braun (full body), Victoria's Secret (legs), Time Magazine (chest and torso)and I have shot editorials involving nudity as well that have been published.

I love fashion nude editorials.

You have to be true to yourself, and also think about your future goals as a model when it comes to nudity. In today's digital world, especialy with photography, it is easy to make mistakes and get trapped with nude modeling regrets,or falling for a scam. When it comes to your own body, if you are posing nude, make sure you are comfortable with the outcome and thinking ahead. I have had my own share of nude modeling mistakes in my early days, I stress this as a warning to girl. Being comfortable nude doesn't mean accepting to show it in every opportunity that might come you way. However when done right and with a purpose, beyond a tease factor, I think nudes are very beautiful to look at and enjoyable to do.

I need to stress that if a model wants to work with a print modeling agency see does NOT want to show Glamour Modeling photos, it is a turn off to agents, a shot that looks more editorial, and commercial, even if it is your body is better. So if you want to use your body to model with brands and for products, think skincare, jewelry, and an ad for a shaving company or body wash.

When it comes to innovation and nudity:
I read this interesting article today in the NYTIMES based on Molly Crabapple, an artist, who holds her own school called: Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, a group she founded in 2005, which features unconventional models and allows the models to be the main focus not the artist. I found the article really interesting and I am proud of her efforts to bring people together through art and sometimes, nudity.

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Anonymous said...

Porn/Nude models have no business giving advice to young women! Bad example. Plus your gonna make ugly girls think they have shot in businness, maybe porn, but thats it! You just wanna sell books! total scam artist.