Monday, October 5, 2009

some beauty shots as examples for shorter models

In a recent Model Talk Radio podcast segment, I mentioned sharing some beauty shots I have taken over the years and some examples. My thoughts on how to create a beauty shot are here on an article on BuddyTV.

When you shoot a beauty shot think of ads and editorials as you shoot, it is also easier to work from a guide, look through cosmetic editorials in magazines and skincare ads,rip out the ones that look like you can pull it off. I am sure you can!

A beauty shot has the essence of a cosmetic, skincare, or ad involving the face. Beauty shots can be straight on, close up, profile, at an angle, from shoulder up or waist up but involve highlighting and enhancing the beauty you naturally have. We are all beautiful, and beauty does not have a certain height or weight, and in modeling it is all about showing what you do have and showing how your assets can be used in print ads and editorials.

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Anonymous said...

Your beauty shots are not very pretty or professional looking. Does it matter in modeling to have a good face? I guess not if your going for parts modeling. Too many unattactive girls are going to think they can model by what you're showing. Rude awakenings coming for many short wannabees. You give bad advice.