Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'll do anything to be famous Tyra show comment received

OK, I just received this email today about the Tyra Banks Show from a reader of this blog:

Hey Isobella, I saw something on the tyra show that I thought I should tell you about. If you didnt see it for yourself. Today at 4 on the tyra banks show tyra had 5 girls who would do anything to become famous and after tyra exposes private conversations that they had with a fake agent which was set up by her she tells the girls which one of you girls want to be models and 3 of them raised their hands an she flat out said "well ima tell you right now your not gonna be models. You cant be high fashions and you cant be commercial models either so stop doing photo shoots"; I was so shocked because there is even senior citizens who are commercial models so what could have led her to that conclusion? I really think you should look that up because I know you would find that interesting. As soon as I heard that I was like omg Isobella has to hear that lol.

I find this shocking that Tyra would tell a girl she can't model, even if the girl doesn't know how to go about marketing what she does have in the proper way. Maybe she should have told the girl to watch out for scams, instead of being so negative and if she put a naive girl infront of a sleazy so-called agent for this test on her show to make a point of desperation, then really WTF?

We live in a "get famous, get rich fast" world now, and more girls would rather be in Playboy and Vogue than teachers or anything else for that matter, but I believe if you have the desire you should try to do what-ever it is you want to do. Be realistic, but be ambitious.

The topic of "obsessed with being famous" is no new news, it is something of the Internet-age of clicks, comments and look-at-me, and the topic to me seems dated.

When it comes to the model topic and the email I received: I don't see why she would tell a girl she can't model. or can't do anything, in the first place.

The topic of "I'll do anything to be famous, or doing anything to succeed" is a "heard it all before" topic,...couldn't she come up with something better? Not so cliche'.

There is a bad type of desperation that comes from a place inside of a person's that lacks confidence to do things the real way, taking a chance, and a person who doesn't respects hard work can easily fall desperate and into a bad situation. It is best to be honest with your self when striving for something, and doing something out of desperate means such as sleeping with someone to get ahead, comes from not appreciating hard work, and not wanting things to be deserved and instead forcing the success which never leads to good in the end.

Being famous is boring if there is nothing to be famous for that is respected or admired. Being famous for a purpose beyond being cute, half naked, showing panties, does exist still. Think about what you will leave when you die and quickly you can see how being famous or known, or gawked at for being pretty really isn't enough. The famous thing isn't exciting unless you are actually doing something that leaves a mark in the end.

When it comes to modeling desperation should never capture a girls desire to find opportunities that are good for them, like any pursuit, it doesn't happen over night and it involves a hell lot of work. So I am confused why Tyra created a bad situation, with girls who are desperate to succeed, just to make the point of "girls getting into trouble over their desire for success"??...why not teach them about the steps to find that success, and desire to be, using what you do have and being more and chasing more and wanting more for yourself, because in terms of modeling not all models are tall giraffes and there is a thing called Print modeling, and talent agencies, modeling is not just high fashion. Most of all, telling someone they can't without asking "why do you want to be" is wrong.

I don't watch the show, it is past 5pm but based on the email and what I see on the Tyra Show website there are many reasons not to watch it, here are thoughts based on some questions that Tyra asks on her show:

Would you be willing to have a drunk driving scandal?

Would you hire a male escort?

And she forces people to judge themselves against other people asking:
Does your sex life match up to these guests?

Tyra creates issues on her show by asking eye poppin questions just for ratings sake it seems. I don't get it. I can't watch it.

And what is up with her terrible hair-in-the-face Twitter photo, she looks like a Glamour-model wanna be? I don't get her telling girls they can't be models, but then flaunting a photo like that? WTF please somebody anyone tell me what's up with this?

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