Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Kathryn Stockett: Thank you for sharing your honesty about rejection, I know my readers will love it, made me tear up

Hey Girls,

Got few minutes? This is worth it! This might make your day or night! This is an awesome article about not giving up. About facing rejection (save my rejection letters and emails too) but hanging onto your belief in yourself and your work. At 2:30 a.m. tonight I shed a tear while reading this. Because I understand that feeling of hope and desire Kathryn Stockett expresses here while believing in her book The Help. Read it! Then check out the book and movie and keep chasing what you want to chase and see accomplished because the more you hustle the closer you get to a yes and things you want and work for. Sometimes it's all about giving yourself the chance.

Think about what your goals are, and what means the most to you. Listen to your heart and go with your gut.  When you are in doubt go back to your goals, your heart--it is what drives you. Don't ignore it!


This is about a book, but I think anyone who is striving for something they believe in and when their goals involve getting the belief of others can relate.

Aim high and strive on!


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