Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anand Jon- Bad casting experiences confessions

I recently read a headline in WWD that read Anand jon was found Guilt in Sex Assault Case, his name quickly reminded me of a friend of mine.

She is a part time model, and works with a well known commercial print agency in NYC sometimes. I remembered her telling me that she was sent to a casting at his showroom. She said that he was upset that she was there at 11am, and proclaimed tired eyed and hung over from probably the night before’s partying that the casting wasn't until 11:30, and bitched about why she was so early.

My friend was told to be there 11 am sharp from the agency and so being punctual she was on time. He was just a flat out jerk, she told me. And a pissed off one.

He was very mad that she showed up at 11, and then he was mad at her body. (My friend has a great body, she should be on the cover of Fitness magazine, she is proportioned for her height, great boobs, and curves in right places, although I joke to her that I have a better ass.)

My friend told me that he didn't know how to make jeans, and the sample size jeans did not fit her. She had been a sample size model before for jeans and lingerie so she knew something was wrong. She hadn't gained any weight.

He told her she didn't fit right, and she was too fat for the job, and kept saying how 'un-right" she was, complaining how he had to now "find something that would work for her," in a huffy hissy fit.

I remember her calling me, and after I read about his sex assault case in WWD on Friday I had to call her and confirm it was him, the right name, and everything.

She said yes, and that "His jeans sucked." She told me she called the agency after the horrible experience, and told the agent that the guy was 'such an asshole.' (By the way WWD said that “his work was more flash and self promotion than substance.") Maybe he was a designer, or called himself one, and tried to make some jeans, -just so he could be around pretty girls that he could bitch at and treat like shit?

Well he most likely put out a casting breakdown that the agency read and they assumed he was quality. Yet looks and fine print can be deceiving.

The moral of this confession is that:
Even your well-respected agency can send you to a bad sketchy casting. In the middle of no where and in the presence of an asshole. So beware. Because at the entrance and exit of your experiences you always have to watch your back and be cautious and careful no matter what.

You can read more about this creep here in NY Magazine.

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Lisa said...

I hope you know that he also worked in LA.