Monday, November 24, 2008

Modeling Casting Confessions: Smiling

How to smile at a casting can be a tricky thing. For beauty I tend to just be plain faced, open eyes, and calm as possible. Watching the jaw, making sure I am relaxed. I don't chew gum, but if you want a relaxed face chew some then spit it out before the casting maybe. Sometimes it can be tricky when it comes to knowing your face. Do you know what you face looks like without looking at it? It helps if you do.

Staring at the mirror always helps for practice. But don't just stare, try to feel what you face looks like when you look a certain way. Does that make sense?

If there are tall models at a casting I always just assume to be more straight faced, maybe lips pouted, or closed with a staring-you-down-look. Not pissed just not fully happy. Amused? Wondering. If the casting is for more a lifestyle product I tend to be more happy, energetic, showing my personality.

If there is a wall behind you, do you lean back against it, get comfortable and pose like a jeans ad. Or stand straight like a soldier at attention at the camera. I hate it more than anything when the casting director or person behind the casting camera says, "hands down, just straight down. Face straight to me " I hate that. I don't want to stand like a stiff hanger, I want to give you something more of me than Blah...

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