Saturday, November 22, 2008

film set confessions: Thinking of your reel

Sometimes you have to take it upon yourself to get seen.

What I got on set, even before I disrobed, I told the Production Casting Assistant that I had a great ass, opening my robe a little and showing him my sexy short black boy-shorts snug against my curvy behind. He noticed and I said," You know, you really shouldn't waste this. Maybe you can start the scene with my ass." He nodded, digging what I had said with curious thought, and went to the man behind the camera and the director or some very important looking people. A few minutes later, robe off, hair teased again and with a little more lip gloss applied, I stood at my tape mark on the ground, ass facing the lens. On "action" I walked away from it and the scene started.

Maybe it will be something later to add to my reel or a still that could be good for my body part modeling jobs.

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