Thursday, November 13, 2008

Modeling Tips for Using the Internet

Alot of girls post their photo on these little amateur internet so-called casting sites, or use Myspace as their modeling photo page and try to build a fan club or something. I find it weird. Getting answers and getting ahead is really just found in a Google search. You don't have to flaunt your photos on a social site to know that to be a model you need an agent. The top brands and magazines cast through agents and you need to have one to get quality modeling work.

Of course there are exceptions and sometimes on rare occasions I have found the random "golden" posting on Craigslist. (I booked a gig as a lead in the Coheed and Cambria music video, another for Univision, White mountain shoes and a few other quality gigs for my resume)

I wish girls would put more time into submitting their photo to real legit modeling agencies and casting directors than trying to count their hit and clicks on their little social site page, that doesn’t make them a model anyways. I think the word model has become a word that means “comments, hits, clicks, and showing as much skin as possible.” It really is sad. Real modeling involves brands, a point to the shoot, and it involves getting off the computer and running to the post office and mailing your photos to the agency. If you haven’t done this, haven’t tried then you are not using the internet in the right ways and now going about modeling in a proper manner.

Maybe these girls don’t really want to model and just want to show off? Feel cute? Maybe it is a self esteem boost to get a comment or a fan on their social site or casting site profile page?

But that doesn’t make them a model.

Using the internet as a research tool is the best way a girl can use it. I love Google, I google everything and when it came to my modeling pursuits I used Google towards them to research the names of agents, get addresses, and to research examples of the photos I need.

Trial and error is the best way, honestly. If you don’t try you will never know. So even if you just have a snap shot, or a couple photos, it is better to make a compcard, or headshot, and try and mail them, and continue to try. Trying is such a big thing. It is not how many comments you got on your social site, modeling is about working with brands and you need an agent to do that.

Sure you can self serve and do your research and be persistent, mail your pics to mags and try to get your own tear sheets too, but don’t forget to think about the jobs you want and ask yourself “are my photos representing this?” And think ahead, dream big, and if the photo you are presenting doesn’t speak towards the direction you want to go, then work on your pics, and continue to mail. The real modeling happens off the internet.

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