Friday, November 14, 2008

booked hand modeling jobs - modeling booking tips

Booked the hand modeling job for a magazine Monday. Just received the details from my agency and it reminds me to share some tips for "when you have a booking."

1. Even though I am booked for just a few hours I do not schedule anything else in my schedule that day. Up to 7pm. You never know if a job might go longer and you want to be prepared. Bring food, water, magazines, light work to do, you do not want to be gabbin on your cell phone (thats rude!) when the set crew is setting up.

2. On set, listen to know or ask to know, when the issue is coming out. Sometimes your agent might not even know so while you are on set, it is a perfect time to casually and kindly ask "so when will this be out?"

3. Get a copy. Accept the polaroids or copies the photographer or art director give you. The times I didn't take them I regretted it. Just incase the job doesn't appear in print ( because these things do happen) you want to have some proof somehow of the day and experience and credit for your portfolio.

4. Save your emails and confirmations to confirm the rate for the job so that you have your accounting information saved if needed.

5. Bring compcards and your portfolio book but don't flash it around like crazy. If asked by the art director or photographer if you have your compcard or portfolio with you, it could mean another job!

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