Friday, November 21, 2008

Half naked on Life on Mars

Trying to get SAG and off to work on Life on Mars today, excited about it, the show is cool.

In my bag today are alot of travel size items. I call them my 'modeling tools' some not to forget are:

a comb
my own foundation and makeup
clear nail polish
Lush Lemony Flutter
for legs: Jergens natural glow travel size
tooth brush, travel size tooth paste
A few copies of WWD to read and my journal to write in
flip flops, for before the high heels go on
sweat pants, for before the outfit for the role goes on
extra pair of contact lenses, just in case!
Deodorant, travel size

At the fitting a couple days before the stylist was trying to find the right shoes for another girl who is in a sexy gold body suit thing, and they were stumpt.

I offered to bring in some shoes for her, so the heaviest thing in my bag is a pair really fun gold sequined tall boots, and also a pair of hot platforms from Report Signature, which I will wear, can't wait to wear them.

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