Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Learning to Dance, Preparing to Strip- my day

Learning to Dance, Preparing to Strip- my day
Today I had an audition for a role in a music video that involved burlesque. Not having much dance experience at all, I submitted for the role of “close ups of burlesque dancers." Hoping this wouldn’t involve too much intense dancing or skill to get the role. I thought I would just drop my photo off, take a quick snap shot at the casting.


Well I showed up today at the audition and there was a very tall beautiful girl who welcomed me. Another girl was in there with her dancing some steps. I thought maybe they were seeing us one at a time so I waited. But then peeked in and I asked 'Should I come in or wait out here?" They said, 'come in!" So I strutted inside, with my portfolio and compcard and headshot, giving the casting director a choice of what she wanted. I thought that was it. But it wasn't.

The tall dancing instructor wanted me to line up..umm..ok... I stood next to the other girl, she had short hair a cute pixy; it reminded me of my own short hair days. I have my new bangs which I am super excited about,-especially that they only cost me 5 bucks to get- and I felt I looked edgy and hot. I didn’t however feel 100% prepared to learn a dance routine. I was wearing tie up Michael Kors boots, really not dancing boots, more like sexy snow boots. But what the hell. I whipped off my sweater and in an Express tank top and Mango tight pants I tried to follow along to the dance routine. It was fast, jazzy, honky-tonky at the same time. And confusing. Lots of cross steps, and back arches, and slaps on the butt, and such. I felt like I needed a feather and some head-dress or some thigh highs to complete the dance or something.

I guess my nights dancing on tables at clubs in the city paid off at that moment. In about 20 minutes I still didn’t have the dancing down. Looking to my sides it appeared the other girls were no pro's either. I joked off my lack of dance skill, saying "please be easy on me, I thought this was just for a close up." I had worked so hard making my eyes look perfect and it didn't even f*ckin matter. I was starting to sweat.

Another girl showed up and joined in. Another short hair girl. It was weird. Short hair girls still shock me, because I remember how much I had to adjust to it.

As she got the hang of it, I practiced the quick slinky moves, thinking about Dita Von Tease, and visiting The Box, and The Slipper Room, and how this stuff isn't easy!

The camera guy faced us, it was time for us to do it for the camera, like we would for the music video...oh shit, -he asked us to slate: whats your name, and # ?

Dancing with the tall dance pro was easy, just follow her, look at her legs, look in the mirror, pretend you know this shit. But when she wanted us to do it ourselves, I felt like a 5 year old at my first dance recital.

Anyways the 3 of us. I was # 2 faced the mirror and did the steps a few times. It was fun but seriously I don't think I had it down, there was a lot of step details. But when I didn't know what I was doing I just did a graceful exotic sway.

The Dance Pro said we could practice the steps at home. Did that mean we got the job? Well, I hope so, I am prepared to do the routine for my BF later, and perfect it, and I would really like this role. But right now I am pooped and tired just thinking about it.

After that audition, I jumped on the train and went back downtown, and prepared my radio show Model Talk segment with photographer Robert Milazzo, then I got an email from my agent, I went to the post office because my agent waas asking me to over night my portfolio to a shoe company with the agency Fed Ex #. It's with a REALLY good shoe company, so waiting on that (crossing fingers!) Then I did some research for some freelance pr work. I love marketing and pr, and I feel a gig that excites me for a few hours a week would be fun.

And then I had a doctor’s appointment check up, since at the beginning of the month 6th, 7th, 8th I had pneumonia, and I had to make sure I was ok. All is good. They did take some blood tests though to make sure my immunity is ok. I feel healthy and as a past track runner it isn’t like me to lose my breath, so getting sick was really weird for me. I think I got sick from doing some work on a film overnight from 6pm-8am the next morning, and I was outside and the temperature changes might have had something to do with it and fatigue and being very exhausted. Anyways after the doctor’s appointment, I went to the fitting for a feature on Life on Mars that shoots Friday. The role is for a stripper, I never swung on a pole, and it is prime time TV so it can’t be super sexy but I am wearing a pretty damn hot bra with cool beads!! I am really excited about it.

I learned to dance, I hosted my radio show, I had blood drawn. Sort of used to being stabbed with a needle, the pain kinda feels more "interesting" than painful now," I watch the nurse draw the blood; it fills the whole vase quickly. With my band aid, I went to a fitting, back in my hood, Astoria, for my role on Life on Mars that shoots this Friday.

There the outfit was already picked out. Good this might be fast. And I tried on the bra and my whole tit was hanging out of it because it was soo big and the beads were weighing it down. I sort of laughed at it and the stylists pinned and added a chicken cutlet to me, and soon we were all set. It is hot!

Almost fell asleep on the train.

I am home now and tired, and hungry, and shit I really need to do laundry!

Today was nuts! What did I learn?
Water is great but Powerade can be better when it comes to running around the city.
Putting on makeup on the train makes me feel like a hooker.
Carrying snacks in your bag is a good idea.
Showing up early can really be a benefit especially if you happen to have another casting, or meeting planned near the time of the first because sometimes things can happen at auditions you do not expect. Like learning dance routines or it taking longer than expected.

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