Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Models and Eating

You know I eat. I love food. Sometimes I eat so much it amazes people at the table. They wonder, "where do you put it?"

Well being high energy is a good thing, it means I do not gain weight easily and I am the skinny bitch you can't stand to look at. I am lucky. Honestly I feel blessed. My family members are not as tiny as me. I feel like the runt in my family and cicle of friends. No one I know is as tiny as me. In measure of height and weight. I feel different than alot of people. Being slim has helped me look taller in photos though.

But it is 2pm and I haven't eaten today. I guess the two cups of coffee hold me off, fire me up, and take away my hunger sometimes. Other times I am so hungry I eat all day. Especially at events, and dinners, and art events, fashion events, anywhere there is free finger food I am there, and I love, love macaroni salad, some of my other favorites are: fruit, veggies, soup, pasta, steak sometimes, salad, cheese, mac and cheese. I think anything within proportion is a go!

I try to drink milk a few times a week. I try to drink water as much as possible. And I drink a lot of coffee. And I am always in the f'in bathroom pee'ing.

I just bought a Soupman medium soup, can't believe it cost 9 bucks! It is still sitting on my coffee table. Jeez, I have to leave in 30 for an audition and I have like 30 emails to write right now, so I really don't know if I will have an extra time to eat it. I know I will be really hungry at like 5pm.

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