Monday, November 17, 2008

Hand Model confessions

I had a great shoot today with Bon Appetit Magazine, my third time working with them and it went great! You know being a hand model is pretty easy. And for a petite girl it is a great gig. Hands come in all shapes and sizes but if your hands are proportioned, and your nails are nice in color and shape you should try hand modeling.

Maybe you have heard that hand modeling means you can't use your hands, but this isn't true. You can have a life, but you should be careful and aware of your hands. You do not want to get scars or scratches or damage your hands so it is important to be careful and aware. This means you probably should not go bowling all the time without gloves and you shouldn't carry heavy things that could bruise your hand, and you want to keep them looking pretty. But in your daily life, you can live, be active, and use your hands, just carefully but you don't have to obsess over it.

A good hand model not only has good skin and proportioned hands, but she has personality and she is easy to work with as well.

I think being able to quickly understanding the theme and idea behind the ad campaign, print job, editorial or commercial is a skill a model should have as well.

Having a creative eye and thinking of the camera perspective is also important. Camera perspective meaning, 'do you know what your hand or parts or self looks like from the camera perspective?' You should. Check out the Polaroid helps, but also having a creative eye and ability to be perceptive is important as well.
Now you will want to take care of them. Moisturize them and keep them looking soft and supple. Today I worked with two other hand models and we all checked out the Polaroids before the shot. It is good to know the perspective of the camera when you are shooting parts, (or anything really).

I asked the photographer when the issue was planning to come out. She said "March."
I also asked her for a Polaroid. The other models were not asking for a Polaroid but I was and I also gave the other two models one to keep as well. It is nice to take something away from the job the day of the job if possible. For your own credibility.

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