Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Modeling with top brands

I am all for self promotion and finding the way! But when it comes to models approaching brands you have to be realistic and savvy about it. Most likely a top mass marketed brand such as Target, Macy's, Victoria's Secret will not take model submissions, and when a model asked me recently, "Do you know how I can go about submitting myself for the Victoria Secret leg ad's without an agent?"

Well I have leg modeled for Victoria's Secret, so this was my answer "Top brands like Victoria's Secret and Marshalls, want to work with good models, so they go to agencies because they figure the best models will be there. The best way to start working with top brands is to make a compcard, or parts modeling card and submit it to agencies. The brands go to the agencies, so if you are not with the agencies then you usually will not know about the casting or be booked for the modeling job. You could however try to find the marketing department at the brand you want to model for and ask if you can submit a photo, or ask which agencies they use. It is better to hit up a smaller company when it comes to self promotion success. A small company might be willing to work with a model without an agency. But top brands usually go to the agencies, hold a casting, or direct book the model of their choice."

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