Sunday, September 30, 2007

4 easy things to remember as a newbie model

I recently posted this on for the newbie models.

You gotta do it. And you gotta seek out opportunities and work. if you want to be in a magazine, you have to do your research, work with photographers who are as driven as you and remember it isn't ONLY about the money, most likely you wont become rich off of modeling but you can get tear sheets and gain work and some consistant paychecks and there is a world beyond the Internet as well that you should consider. Modeling isn't just hits and clicks and trust me, it can be intriguing but to model and seriously book jobs you need a ton of ambition to do it alone. It is possible but you have to be cautious and creative, and smart about it.

1. Ask yourself why you want to model. Seriously. Why-do-you-want-to-model. What is it that makes you curious and interested in modeling? Is it the fame? The exposure, the hobbie of it, what do you want out of it. Why should an agent work with you. What can you offer?

2. Try to think as if you are the client. Imagine Nike or any brand casting for models for their next ad campaign or commercial. They are not most likely looking on line. They are going through an agency and it makes sense. Why the hassle, why wonder if the girl is going to show up? Why wonder if the girl knows how to pose. Why waste time? So to get these types of jobs you need an agent. Because the client is going to go to the agent 99% of the time. Unless you know how to skip the middle man ( for that see number 4)

3. How do you get an agent. Well, it comes down to photos and persistance. You might get turned down 15 times. Does that mean you should give up and only stick to hits and clicks on the Internet? No way! You should think deeper about yourself as a model and approach agencies in the areas that they lack. For example, I got into two major NYC commercial print agencies because I knew I wasn't fashion and that I had good body parts. This past weekend I shot for a Global magazine and I wouldn't have booked that if I only thought of the narrow minds of the industry. Modeling isn't just FASHION.

4. Skipping the middle man. Flip through the last, or Jane magazine and go to the directory, the editorials directory in the front of the magazine. See the Photo editor, or the photo researcher?...the Photo director?....Well Put together a compcard. ( showing your best images, and ONLY your best!) and mail the magazine editor, director, researcher yourself with a letter saying you are interested in their up coming editorials and to consider you. I got my first few tear sheets this way This may work better with smaller magazines, or weekly magazines, since they need more material more often and they might not be as unlikely to give someone like you...a newbie a chance. take care and keep trying!

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