Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to Use Your Body in a Commercial Way

Your body is sexy! But it also can be used for body part modeling.
I live on but you really don't see enough about this type of modeling.
When I started modeling I was only using my body for my ego. Defining myself by hits and clicks I got on my free modeling websites on websites like but after about a year of this, I kept the free site but started using my body in more pay-ful ways!

Such as....

Shoe modeling:
If you have a size six foot. You can shoe model and make up to 350 a day, just to try on shoes during show shoes. I have worked with some of the largest names in the shoe industry including Brown shoe, Eos.Originals, and White Mountain, and these lead to an ad campaign with Marshalls as well.

Hand modeling: Only recently. As in this past year have I got after this type of modeling and it is really paying$$$ off so far. It started when I modeled for Distraction Jewelry and I had to touch the jewelry and I had to get a manicure. Hand modeling pays a lot for hardly any work. Some hand models you might mean, might complain about holding a pose, but that is what modeling is silly. (suushh) So if you ever see the ads modeling nail products, rings, and even food magazines like Bon Appetit and brands like Verizon need hand models. Someone has to hold those phones! So get some photos taken of your hands, with clear and also a color of polish, and hold a phone, put on some rings, or wear a watch or grab a banana and smile. Hand modeling is a great way to model without having to wear mascara or even put your face on :)

Body Double: Movies, films, magazines, ad campaigns, editorials, magazines, they all need body doubles. This is from the the legs, to hair, to the stomach and usually your face isn't shown.

Hair modeling:
Many beauty conventions and companies need hair models, if you are willing to change the color or style and cut of your hair, these shows and jobs do pay decent $.

Right now I am interested in jewelry and body doubling body part work.

Being comfortable with your body can mean more than just posting your photo on a website and waiting for a comment for can work with modeling agencies without the height requirement as a body parts model. It could be your in....especially if you are only, barely,hardly almost 5'4" in height.


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