Monday, September 24, 2007

If you are who I think you are!

Riding on the train, up to New York Institute of Technology, my college, which I haven't been inside of in 3 years, the women across from me looks familar. I think of why? I imagine her in a scene. Then it hits me! She is the mother in the movie Meet the Parents, I still don't know her name though. My stop is coming up and I get up and grab the pole. Then I lok over at her again.
I tap her wrist softly before I leave the train " stand clear of the closing doors!!!!" I whisper " If you are who I think you are...then...your good!" and she puts her hand to her chest and says to the person next to her..."awe thats sweet!"

I get off and think of it as a sign!

So I do the interview and it goes well but I need to learn to make my interviews a bit shorter, once I start talking I go on and on and on, I even read the editors an excerpt from my book. I hadn't read out loud in a long time, it was weird and I stuttered a few times.

I went to a Technology web event next. And I learned about

I finally get home, it's 9pm and her name is Blythe Danner!

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