Monday, September 17, 2007

The School of Nude Modeling to the Acceptance of an Agent

Unlike most models I wasn’t scouted and I am not tall- I started modeling by just Googling the word “model” in 2001 when I was in-between semesters at college. From 2001-2006 when I grew up in front of the camera, during a turbulent time when I was 19-23 years old. I wrote this book to share the awareness for the good, the bad, the ugly -and the nudity that I experienced through ways of the Internet and how with a hungry persistence even the underdog can make her dream come true with one click of her heels.

I just recently started working with a great commercial print modeling agency. It feels like it took forever since I have mailed this agency a lot in the past. Alot longer than most other Giraffe models...but I got this opportunity by using what I have...and not dwelling on what I don't.

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