Tuesday, September 11, 2007


911 only gives us more hope to try and pursue and tell the ones we love we do each day! I hope your day was inspiring.


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Homeless Model Finds Room of One's Own (And Writes Novel) in Soho Apple Store
9:58 AM PDT, September 7, 2007, updated at 11:39 AM PDT, September 7, 2007
While my headline may lack the panache of the classic 1983 New York Post headline, Headless Body Found in Topless Bar, I did come across this story in America's "oldest continuously published daily newspaper" while I was in upstate New York over the Labor Day weekend.
Over the course of four months, pint-sized former part-time nude model Isobella Jade worked on her book for an hour a day on one of the display laptops at the Soho Apple Store (while also seeking out modeling gigs on Craigslist), e-mailing her work to her Yahoo Mail account. Ms. Jade says: "Writing it there was crazy because it was a big, loud place with a lot of people. Some writers want to be in a quieter place, but I'm very fast-paced, so my book is very fast-paced. It's gritty because I am, and writing it at the Apple Store made it more alive."
The fruits of her labor are now captured in her self-published memoir, Almost 5' 4": Confessions of an Unconventional Model, which one Amazon customer reviewer calls "scandalous, rabble-rousing writing at its best."

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