Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to get an agent

It took me five years to finally get with the agency I wanted. In the mean time I worked with smaller commercial print agencies and only recently have I gotten the proper pictures that I had needed so many years before. The hits and clicks touching your website or modeling page feel great, but in all honesty it is quality photographs, you have to have good pictures, pictures that show your diversity. You have to work with people who are driven and ambitious and focused and who want to get places too. I would say focus on your strengths, and get them photographed, your eyes, your smile, your hands, your stomach, and have them shot in commercial ways, close ups, and in lifestyle atmospheres.

Then research agencies in your town and commercial print agencies or grab a Ross reports or call magazines which you want to be in and ask what agencies they work with and research photographers who have goals as big as yours.

Photoshop is nice, but also take some natural shots of you being you, and work with someone who you trust and can relax with....sweating and making a sexy face only looks good for so long!
So if you want an agent, and if you want to be with an agency. No Matter your Size, you can...just focus on what you got. I am honestly really only 5'1" but most days I wear high heels so I am 5'6" or 5'4" pr 5'5"...but you know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!! so If I can You can!

Currently I am working on getting some fitness photos, to show my curves in a way I can then submit to a fitness magazine or a health and beauty and spa magazine.

use what you got.....and don't wait. Do it now!

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